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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Revisiting The Three R's

Who knew that I, yes me, would be going back to school? Back in the day, when it was compulsory for my age to attend school I couldn't wait for that "Home Time" moment. On the rare occassions when I actually made an appearance, the amazing sound of the bell echoing around the walls of that studious building brought a huge smile to my face when it rang.

It appears now I have to revisit my demons and suck it up "Princess" as they say here in Canada. So, when I say I was a school hater there is no pretence there, it's a fact. Now, at nearly 50, a career change is inevitable and I have to return to "The Smell of School".

It all began last September when I was injured whilst working in a retail environment. For me, being hands on in my work has always been second nature. Multi-tasking and being torn in several directions suited my personality, and I loved the hectic unknown of each day. It has never mattered to me to be on my feet for my whole shift and grab a bite to eat on the way. I was on my way to a managerial career within a huge chain of pharmaceutical stores.

As luck would have it, after a huge amount of weight fell on my leg, only to uncover extensive Osteoarthritis in my knee, I was destined to make alterations to my life as I have always known and taken for granted. WSIB told me I had to go back to work, although I cannot walk very far even with the help of a cane and a wheelchair for longer distances. Hence the reason to revisit The Three R's; A need to retrain and find another career path. After several meetings and many long assessments my new path to the workforce would now be in Social Services. The commencement of school begins.

September 20, 2010 I began my first days of getting in the swing of it. My attendance of twelve weeks at a career centre to start me on my way, is proving to be a positive experience. I find myself side by side with other injured workers fighting to climb the ladder to a new career, dispite the fact they are also struggling, with injuries from work, and are seniors to their school days. My four hours a day, five days a week introduction to getting my brain into gear for community college in the new year, is inspiring this old dog to open those doors again to education. To be honest, I have never been the one to pack in the towel so to speak, and I keep on telling myself, "You're not going to do it now".

It would seem that I'm not alone in revisiting The Three R's, its a means to an end, and I am going to relish and embrace my second chance in "The School Classroom". It's time to regroup, reflect and spend endless hours underground in text books and on the laptop.

Time to awaken the sleeping brain!

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  1. If you complete your studies the way you have written your blog, you will graduate summa cum laude !!! Wonderful to read and so exciting. Love you always, girlfriend! Can't wait for the next chapter!